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Assa in a sentence

1. The pouched frog (Assa darlingtoni) lays eggs on the ground.

2. Assa stands for August Stenman Stenman August.

3. ASSA can refer to:

4. The word assa-pe-t segments into: assa, "turn back";

5. In August 2000, they were sold to Assa Abloy.

6. The building is also known as "l-Għassa l-Antika".

7. Ali Salem Tamek was born in Assa, southern Morocco.

8. Italian troops in Val d'Assa.

9. southern Morocco (Tan-Tan, Assa) in the 1970s &

10. Assa may refer to:

11. et al., eds. (1901–1906). "Assi (Assa, Issi)".

12. From Telouet. From Assa. From Tamanaret.

13. Its major tributaries are the Assa and Argun.

14. It was designed by ASSA Architects.

15. The town is served by the Assa-Gueyla Airport.

16. Yale is a lock manufacturer owned by Assa Abloy.

17. Overjoyed, the forlorn prince heaved a sigh, Assa re ganv.

18. Al-assa is married and has a daughter.

19. The ASSA has approximately 500 members.

20. Assa Peethara looks back down the road.

21. Assa Peethara waits for his arrival.

22. Cibyra assa is a species of moth of the family Hepialidae.

23. ASSA is one of only two models used in South Africa;

24. It is located on the Assa River.

25. Eupithecia assa is a moth in the family Geometridae.

26. The mouth of the Assa is at the locality of Zakan-Yurt.

27. Holland. Devonian (Pragian) Assa Formation.

28. Renström also serves as Chairman of Assa Abloy.

29. "Assa". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography.

30. In 1912, the ASSA created NISS as a separate department.