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Aslian in a sentence

1. Semang languages belonged to the Aslian languages branch of the Austroasiatic languages.

2. In addition, some Aslian languages contain many loanwords from each other.

3. Paul Sidwell (2015:179) considers the Nicobarese languages to subgroup with Aslian.

4. The nearest relatives to the Aslian languages are Monic and Nicobarese.

5. The extinct Kenaboi language is unclassified, and may or may not be Aslian.

6. The Proto-Aslian language has been reconstructed by Timothy Phillips (2012).

7. A typical Aslian vowel system is displayed by Northern Temiar, which has 30 vocalic nuclei.

8. Contrastive length has been lost in the Northern and Southern Aslian branches.

9. Aslian languages insert infixes between two consonants.

10. Nasal infixes are also found in Aslian, especially used as nominalizers of verbal roots.

11. This process occurs in all 3 branches of Aslian.

12. The Aslian languages have links with numerous languages.

13. Aslian words also contain words of Chamic, Acehnese and Malayic origin.

14. Some efforts are being made to preserve the Aslian languages in Malaysia.

15. Some radio stations in Malaysia broadcast in Aslian languages for nine hours every day.

16. Only a small group of Orang Asli receive formal education in the Aslian languages.

17. It belongs to the Southern branch of the Aslian language subgrouping.

18. Until recently, none of the Aslian languages had written literature.

19. Kensiu (Kensiw) is an Austro-Asiatic language of the Jahaic (Northern Aslian) subbranch.

20. Jah Hut belongs to the Aslian branch of the Austroasiatic language family.

21. This pattern can be found in many other Aslian languages.

22. It is the largest Northern Aslian language.

23. It belongs to the Northern subbranch of the Aslian languages.

24. Northern Aslian was labelled Jehaic in the past.

25. 2012. "The Aslian languages of Malaysia and Thailand: an assessment".

26. Batek is an Aslian language of Malaysia.

27. Mintil (alternatively Batek Tanum, Tanɨm, or Mayah) is an Aslian language of Malaysia.

28. It belongs to the Northern Aslian sub-branch of the Aslian languages.

29. Jedek is an Aslian language from the Austroasiatic family first reported in 2017.

30. The 289 reconstructed Proto-Aslian forms below are from Phillips (2012:259-262).