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Ashkenazi Jews in a sentence

1. 10% Ashkenazi Jews;

2. The Oppenheimers were non-observant Ashkenazi Jews.

3. Some types of EDS are more common in Ashkenazi Jews.

4. The greeting is more common amongst Ashkenazi Jews.

5. It predominantly occurs in Ashkenazi Jews.

6. Some Ashkenazi Jews keep this stringency.

7. some Ashkenazi Jews practiced Judaism.

8. Many Hasidic Ashkenazi Jews follow this practice as well.

9. Horwitz is a surname, current among Ashkenazi Jews.

10. The disease is more commonly found amongst Ashkenazi Jews.

11. and once daily by Ashkenazi Jews (before Shacharit).

12. It is also common among Ashkenazi Jews.

13. His family were Ashkenazi Jews.

14. The name is frequently found among Ashkenazi Jews.

15. The name is common among Ashkenazi Jews.

16. both of her parents were Ashkenazi Jews.

17. It is, additionally, used by many Ashkenazi Jews.

18. Feldstein is a surname common among Ashkenazi Jews.

19. The majority of the immigrant wave were Ashkenazi Jews;

20. Most Jewish Argentines are Ashkenazi Jews.

21. Ashkenazi Jews, however, have various customs.

22. These are Ashkenazi Jews, Mizrahi Jews, and Arabs.

23. It is a common name among Ashkenazi Jews.

24. H6a1a1a is common among Ashkenazi Jews.

25. It is a fairly common surname among Ashkenazi Jews.

26. There were at least twenty Ashkenazi Jews in the city;

27. Ashkenazi Jews returned to Hamburg in 1656.

28. Sephardi Jews as well as Ashkenazi Jews are buried here.

29. Sephardi Jews as well as Ashkenazi Jews are buried there.

30. Ashkenazi Jews are 4.3 thousand people.