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No. sentence
1 night, as on every night in Argentina, we dined in a fine restaurant and ate an entire herd of cattle.
2 She struck into another song, Dont't Cry for Me, Argentina.
3 Work crews have raised the flags of Canada, the US, and Argentina, among others.
4 International flights to and from Argentina and Uruguay have been disrupted again by a huge ash cloud caused by an ongoing volcanic eruption in southern Chile.
5 If Dubai defaults on its debts it would be the largest sovereign default since Argentina in 2001.
6 Argentina are the unknown package of this World Cup.
7 Fossils of the oldest plants ever to colonise land have been discovered in Argentina, scientists claim.
8 This is the crop of the Indian subcontinent and of Argentina.
9 Mexico and Argentina object to Brazil. Italy objects to Germany.
10 The best example was offered when Evo Morales decided, only a few months after becoming President of Bolivia in 2006, to raise the price of gas exported to Argentina and Brazil.
11 You could lead a wonderful life in Argentina because the cost of living was low.
12 Spain, Brazil, Argentina and England, but traditional teams like Italy and Germany can never be discarded.
13 The best teams in the world like Brazil, Argentina, France and the Netherlands will be there.
14 group talked about the trip, about Peru and Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, recalled the roads and the spills and the near misses and the things they had seen which would stay with them forever.
15 first to Chile before it turned up across the Andes in Argentina.
16 In Tucuman, Argentina, local government and nongovernmental organizations are working together to get all relevant institutions to sign an agreement to do more for road safety.
17 South America has one too, squeezed in the tight embrace of Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.
18 Thousands of miles away, on the frontier between Argentina and Chile, papal diplomacy is remembered in a different way.
19 The droughts are big, covering an area about the size of Argentina.
20 One of the richest nations in the world a century ago, Argentina now has a credit rating on a par with Bolivia's.
21 -meter Devil's Throat falls sit astride the border of Argentina and Brazil.
22 But not that of Argentina: it has opted to keep the policies and change the inflation numbers.
23 I thought you said Tony was in Argentina.
24 the first time, Argentina exported less beef than Uruguay, its tiny neighbour.
25 This homemade banner greeted the world's best player, Lionel Messi, as he strode onto the pitch for Saturday's Copa America quarterfinal between heavily favored Argentina and underdog Uruguay.
26 This month, however, she taped a message to British forces to mark the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War with Argentina, as well as being interviewed by the BBC.
27 Argentina broke its supposedly irrevocable currency peg to the dollar a few months later.
28 Each deposited a motley assortment of plants from botanical gardens in Europe, South Africa and Argentina.
29 Beginning in 1850 and continuing each year, ships brought an assortment of plants from botanical gardens in Europe, South Africa and Argentina, the BBC says.
30 Major lakes are lake Chiquita, Argentina lake and lake Viedma.