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Aquatic invertebrates in a sentence

1. Several endemic fish and aquatic invertebrates are present, though.

2. Hydra mainly feed on aquatic invertebrates such as Daphnia and Cyclops.

3. they usually feed on aquatic invertebrates.

4. It consumes aquatic invertebrates, insects, and fish.

5. They are mainly reported to eat aquatic invertebrates.

6. Its diet can include insects, aquatic invertebrates, and small fish.

7. Aquatic invertebrates also declined.

8. The larvae are carnivorous, typically consuming aquatic invertebrates.

9. It is highly toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates.

10. Aquatic invertebrates are responsive to climate change.

11. Fish and aquatic invertebrates are typical of the Indo-Pacific region.

12. They mainly feed on aquatic invertebrates.

13. The young eat zooplankton and other small aquatic invertebrates.

14. Tadpoles eat algae, aquatic invertebrates as well as other tadpoles.

15. This ibis's diet comprises aquatic invertebrates;

16. It feeds on aquatic invertebrates.

17. It preys on aquatic invertebrates, small fish, and detritis.

18. This species feeds on aquatic invertebrates found under stones.

19. It feeds on aquatic invertebrates including snails.

20. Eats terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates in the wild.

21. Eats terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates in the wild.

22. They feed on fishes, aquatic invertebrates and insects.

23. It also preys on small aquatic invertebrates.

24. it seeks out a range of aquatic invertebrates

25. Its diet consists primarily of aquatic invertebrates.

26. The primary prey of the minnow is aquatic invertebrates.

27. it seeks out a range of aquatic invertebrates

28. There are many ponds which support aquatic invertebrates.

29. Various species of fish and aquatic invertebrates are also known.

30. This fish feeds on aquatic invertebrates.