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Apollo's sister in a sentence

1. Apollo's sister Artemis, who was the Greek goddess of hunting, is identified with Britomartis (Diktynna), the Minoan "Mistress of the animals".

2. There, Hecate was taken to be Apollo's sister counterpart in the absence of Artemis.

3. When worship of Apollo was first introduced to Rome, Diana became conflated with Apollo's sister Artemis as in the earlier Greek myths, and as such she became identified as the daughter of Apollo's parents Latona and Jupiter.

4. Admetus, however, neglected to sacrifice to Artemis, Apollo's sister.

5. The second-largest town is Artemonas (800), thought to be named after an ancient temple of Apollo's sister-goddess Artemis, located at the site of the church of Panayia Kokhi.

6. Nothing is heard yet of Apollo's sister Artemis at Amyklai, Burkert has pointed out.

7. Kara had a relationship with Apollo's late brother Zak (mirroring the original Starbuck's on-and-off relationship with Apollo's sister Athena), affecting her relationship to Apollo and Zak's father, William Adama.

8. A neighbouring temple dedicated to Apollo's sister Diana probably dates to the late Republic, following the destruction of the Apollo temple's precinct in work on the theatre of Marcellus.

9. at the same time a marble temple was built for Apollo around the spring while Apollo’s sister, Artemis, had her own precinct and a smaller altar (3.50 × 150 m): next to it were found the bases of two korai, one of which is preserved (the head is missing).

10. It shows the death of Chione, lover of both Hermes and Apollo - she had compared her beauty to that of Apollo's sister Artemis, who hunted her down and killed her by shooting an arrow through her tongue.

11. At top left are Charles himself in the guise of Apollo and his wife Henrietta Maria as Apollo's sister Diana, with Buckingham as Mercury in the centre.