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Antigone in a sentence

1. As a result, Antigone hanged herself.

2. Hæmon then kills Antigone and himself.

3. Prologue: Antigone &

4. This sets them against Antigone.

5. Antigone accuses them of mocking her.

6. It featured Irene Papas as Antigone.

7. Antigone was played by Nahéma Ricci.

8. Creon imprisoned Antigone in a sepulchre;

9. Haemon is betrothed to Antigone.

10. as well as Antigone in Montpellier.

11. She is called Antigone.

12. Statue of Antigone.

13. ANTIGONE: One world approved thy wisdom;

14. and Tiresias in Sophocles' Antigone.

15. Antigone or Antigoni may also refer to:

16. It is Oedipus and Antigone.

17. Antigone; Lettice and Lovage;

18. Oedipus and Antigone.

19. Antigone at AllMusic.

20. This is Antigone's supreme action.

21. To be this risk is Antigone's essence.

22. Antigone cremates Polynices by night.

23. renamed Antigone on 1 September 1917;

24. Mourning Becomes Antigone;

25. chn.: Arthur and Antigone.

26. Antigone born Magas a daughter;

27. Sophocles – "Antigone" 1963;

28. Antigone received the designation SD3.

29. Antigone and Hémon have sex.

30. Antigone by Sophie Deraspe won Best Film.