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Andorrans in a sentence

1. Some Andorrans volunteered to take part in the conflict as part of the French Legions.

2. The 5 April 1933 Joves Andorrans seized the Andorran Parliament.

3. The Andorrans are a Romance ethnic group of originally Catalan descent.

4. Napoleon restored the co-principality in 1806 after the Andorrans petitioned him to do so. French title to the principality subsequently passed from the kings to the president of France.

5. That development, abetted by improvements in transport and communications, has tended to break down Andorra's isolation and to bring Andorrans into the mainstream of European history.

6. Native Andorrans account for only a third (33%) of the population, with the plurality being Spanish (43%), and notable minorities of Portuguese (11%) and French (7%).

7. Andorrans, who are ethnically Catalans, are a minority in their own country;

8. In the case of Andorra there are two heads of state, neither of them native Andorrans.

9. Andorrans who are notable include:

10. Andorrans tend to celebrate their feasts gladly and loudly.

11. Finally, the Andorrans decided to build a chapel there.

12. The largest ethnic group in Canillo are Andorrans.

13. Articles 4 to 36 of the Constitution lay out Andorrans' rights and freedoms.

14. Andorrans risk losing their citizenship if they are also nationals of another country.

15. Articles 16 and 17 recognise Andorrans' rights to participate in peaceful demonstrations, as long as the authorities are notified beforehand, and to associate freely.

16. This is guaranteed all Andorrans, and moreover, parents have the right to choose what kind of education that their children will have, in keeping with their own religious convictions.

17. Also, it gives Andorrans, and established foreign nationals, the right to make their home in Andorra.

18. As might be expected, it forbids Andorrans to be deprived of their property without due process, and it also recognises the right to enterprise in the framework of a market economy.

19. According to a 2013 survey by the Institut d'Estudis Andorrans, 70% of Andorrans were in favour of same-sex marriage, 19% were against and 11% were undecided or had refused to answer.

20. The Andorrans competed in other matches outside the LFAC season.

21. Andorrans did not participate in the Summer Paralympic Games until 2012.

22. Basel entered the Europa League in the second qualifying round and were drawn against Andorrans Santa Colma.

23. Pasqual is also a surname found in Spain (especially in Catalan area including Andorrans, Valencians, Balearics) and in Italy (especially in Veneto, including Lombardy and Piedmont).

24. - UE Sant Julià - Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans - Unió Sindical d'Andorra - Union, Common Sense and Progress - United States-Andorra relations - Unity and Renewal - Universitat d'Andorra.

25. This allowed the Andorrans to come back to the European competitions in the 2017–18 season, as the club registered in the EuroCup.

26. According to a 2013 survey by the Institut d'Estudis Andorrans, 70% of Andorrans were in favour of same-sex marriage, 19% were against and 11% were undecided or had refused to answer.

27. Martí said that: "We develop our tax system to be within the European standards, Andorrans do not want to pay taxes, but they understand the need to change the system.

28. In June 2013, Martí bowed to pressure from the European Union and did introduce a personal income tax for Andorrans.

29. In the case of Andorra, it is a collection of cultural artifacts collected for and by Andorrans.

30. Andorra, lletres, arts, and has since seen her work published in a variety of other works, such as l’Església de les Valls and the Annals de l'Institut d'Estudis Andorrans.