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Andorran nationality in a sentence

1. However, in case of emergencies or natural disasters, the Sometent (an alarm) is called and all able-bodied men between 21 and 60 of Andorran nationality must serve.

2. Two-thirds of residents lack Andorran nationality and do not have the right to vote in communal elections.

3. In addition to questions of Andorran nationality and immigration policy, other priority issues include allowing freedom of association, dealing with housing scarcities and speculation in real estate, developing the tourism industry, and renegotiating the relationship with the European Union.

4. Only people with Andorran nationality and over 18 years old are eligible to vote and to become a candidate.

5. They play in the Spanish league system, because they are registered with the Royal Spanish Football Federation, but the team is mostly composed of players with Andorran nationality.

6. Article 7 governs Andorran nationality.

7. It is also the historical and traditional language of the country used by government, television, radio, and other national media and is the main language of all the people living in the territory of Andorran nationality, who constitute 33% of the total population.

8. Andorran nationality law is based primarily on the principle of jus sanguinis.

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10. Legislation on this subject has included the Decree concerning Andorran nationality of 17 June 1939 and the Decree concerning Andorran nationality of 7 April 1970.