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Andorran in a sentence

1. The Andorran government encourages the use of Catalan.

2. Andorran television and radio stations use Catalan.

3. Andorran flag on a balcony, Ordino.

4. Andorran mules are still greatly prized.

5. Andorran may refer to:

6. ORTA was funded by the Andorran government.

7. She is the 2004 and 2005 Andorran national champion.

8. FC Encamp is an Andorran football club based in Encamp.

9. Article 7 governs Andorran nationality.

10. Andorran ski schools are among the largest in Europe.

11. As both previous Andorran entries, it fared quite poorly.

12. He was previously in charge of the Andorran national team.

13. The Andorran delegation consisted of three alpine skiers;

14. → : Andorran in Spain.

15. Bagaleu was designed by an Andorran student.

16. Many people of the Andorran public consequently marched.

17. Andorran people.

18. Francesc Areny Casal is an Andorran politician.

19. Enric Casadevall Medrano is an Andorran politician.

20. Jordi Farràs Forné is an Andorran politician.

21. Dual nationality is strictly forbidden by Andorran law.

22. Xavier Barios is an Andorran paralympic skier.

23. A few Andorran banks operate in Spain.

24. Crèdit Andorrà is an Andorran banking house.

25. The Andorran Ambassador has his residence in Lisbon.

26. He is an Andorran citizen.

27. CF Atlètic Amèrica is an Andorran football club.

28. This was the fourteenth Andorran Supercup.

29. Her works are kept in the Andorran National Library.

30. 10 February 2018), was an Andorran lawyer and politician.