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No. sentence
1 The ancient way to settle a quarrel was to choose a leader from each side and let them fight it out.
2 Like the notion of evil itself, they have ancient origins and appear in folklore and literature across the world.
3 Ancient farming methods still survive in the Midle East.
4 In early times, people placed their Easter eggs in grass nests to honor the ancient goddess Eostre.
5 So voluminous is this collection, which ranges from paintings and scrolls to ancient porcelain and statues, that only a fraction of it is ever on display at once.
6 The Earl brought the Queen of Scots to Tutbury Castle, an ancient grey tower on the borders of Derbyshire and Staffordshire.
7 The project is broken into different subject areas, including space travel, cities in history, festivals and ancient worlds.
8 The author has drawn some inferences on its history after a survey of the steles and folklores and customs of "BaiZai Village", a tribe that lives in Chuxiong from ancient times.
9 The restored jade burial suit fully reveals the consummate skill of the labouring people of ancient China.
10 of this ancient mystery that theologians agree cannot be fully understood to our feeble minds.
11 is no use teaching the pupils to rattle off the ancient poems which they do not understand at all.
12 Shakespeare, Hamlet, the ancient Greeks and Romans could not imagine steam engines, railways, and the industry of the 18th and 19th centuries.
13 Like the ancient Greeks, its inhabitants turned their backs on their rocky soil, venturing out to fish and trade with distant shores.
14 Greeks still use some ancient sites, such as the Pnyx and the Theater of Herodes Atticus.
15 It certainly goes back to the ancient Greeks.
16 The lure of materialism challenges society in our country and in many successful countries. Your ancient ethic of personal and family responsibility will serve you well.
17 A jar full of ancient COINS was raked up by them in the garden.
18 So next time you take a walk in the forest you'll know why Rolling Stones may gather no moss, but ancient trees do.
19 I'm pretty sure the bumper sticker that reads, "the joy of the journey is not in reaching the destination but in the ride," is one of those simple truths and is most assuredly an ancient wisdom.
20 Only hundred meters in from the outside along a narrow, dripping walkway, there is a giant chamber of ancient stalactites and stalagmites.
21 These magnificent ancient buildings demonstrate the great intelligence of the labouring people.
22 The fund was specified to maintain the ancient buildings.
23 In Ancient Egypt the names of enemy Kings would be inscribed on pottery bowls and ritually smashed with the aim of bringing about the death of these rulers.
24 The next giant leap in human evolution may not come from new fields like genetic engineering or artificial intelligence, but rather from appreciating our ancient brains.
25 Once they get there they are clumsy in the narrow streets of ancient cities and intimidating to the locals whose support is needed to fight insurgents.
26 Memory is a palace, say the ancient philosophers, where every room parks a thought.
27 This is significant, because it marked a time in ancient history when the lower classes could enjoy some of the perks afforded to royalty.
28 The trees in fact concealed an ancient chalk quarry, now half over?grown with thorn trees and vines.
29 Unlike Americans of our day, however, few in the Roman Republic felt their system should be, or could be, embraced by others in the mysterious ancient societies of the East.
30 we should honor these ancient dead and let them rest in peace.