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Anatolian in a sentence

1. The island lies within the Anatolian Plate.

2. or Anatolian Grey Ware.

3. This Anatolian settlement commanded the gulf.

4. The city ranks among the Anatolian Tigers.

5. The cult of Dionysus was Anatolian.

6. Anatolian or anatolica may refer to:

7. An Anatolian emir, Irenchin, also rebelled.

8. The Anatolian Seljuks took Aintab in 1067.

9. Most Anatolian Greeks had fled in 1922.

10. Most Anatolian kilims are slit woven.

11. Antique Anatolian prayer rug.

12. Also, it is called the Anatolian Tigers.

13. Also, it is called the Anatolian Tigers.

14. Polemon was Anatolian Greek.

15. Buildings are covered in Anatolian stone.

16. It is inherited from Anatolian Seljuks.

17. Anatolian cultural motives can be seen here.

18. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations Pot.

19. It is a traditional Anatolian village.

20. The inhabitants spoke Anatolian Turkish.

21. Anatolian black pine (Pinus nigra ssp.

22. Kurdish rug design differs from Anatolian.

23. Central Anatolian double-niche prayer rug.

24. Various Anatolian Turkish Beyliks.

25. The kithara's origins are likely Anatolian.

26. Larsen no longer endorses Anatolian Cymbals.

27. He captured Bursa, the Anatolian capital.

28. In 1992 it became an Anatolian High School.

29. He was born into a noble Anatolian family.

30. the Anatolian site is now known as Isabey.