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No. sentence
1 Over a thundering drum section and anarchic screech of a cuica, the singer praised Pitanguy for “awakening the self-esteem in each ego” with a “scalpel guided by heaven.
2 But if that fails to come about, pessimists see the country turning into a kind of Somalia with oil, an anarchic collection of wealthy competing fiefs, with tribes to the fore.
3 Could not this very Socratic way be a sign of collapse, exhaustion, sickness, and the dissolution of the anarchic instinct?
4 This anarchic story is told in grunts, howls or simple gibberish.
5 This version invokes the spectre not of the cold war but of the anarchic presidency of Boris Yeltsin, Mr Putin's predecessor.
6 Tumor cells accumulate errors, become totally anarchic, and flout all the rules.
7 notion that tumours are chaotic masses of anarchic cells has been falling by the wayside recently.
8 Sometimes he goes through an 'anarchic' stage, cutting out characters or rearranging scenes.
9 The Fiends overran Camp McCarran during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. In the anarchic months that followed, the Fiends asserted dominance over Outer Vegas.
10 The atmosphere in the town is free, cosmopolitan and creative, almost anarchic at times.
11 That Somalia also routinely heads global lists of failed states sounds unsurprising: anarchic conditions on land are surely directly responsible for piracy at sea.
12 And so this is a very high risk proposition because first of all, the situation in the West Bank is highly anarchic; there is no order in the West Bank whatsoever.
13 shift from the closed garden Internet of AOL to today's anarchic online world is one of the biggest stories of the decade.
14 Helping such anarchic places to improve their governance a bit has many benefits.
15 has a greater concentration of scientists than anywhere else in the world. The atmosphere in the town is free, cosmopolitan and creative, almost anarchic at times.
16 In Africa Nigeria is too anarchic, despite its size and supply of peace-keepers.
17 But as everybody now knows, it was fit only for fair-weather sailing, with an anarchic crew and no lifeboat.
18 Kelly, the state department spokesman, said of the reports of wild, anarchic partying: "These are very serious allegations, and we are treating them that way."
19 Nigeria is too anarchic, despite its size and supply of peace-keepers.
20 One of the most famous groups is Anonymous, an anarchic network of hackers that periodically organizes to shut down websites, either for fun or for some political purpose.
21 Even within Somalia, the economists point out, most pirates originate from relatively stable Puntland rather than the truly anarchic south.
22 With that anarchic spring break spirit comes an iconic spring break style, one that reflects Florida's own eccentricities.
23 disease of empire, the disease of nationalism... these of course are mirrored in the anarchic violence of these groups, but one that locks us in a kind of frightening death spiral.
24 But over time, the contradictions between anarchic opportunism and state direction, both vital to China's rise, will surely result in greater friction.
25 Manifesto) is a misandrous tract written in 1968 by Valerie Solanas which advocated a violent anarchic revolution to create an all-female society.
26 His new magazine has anarchic tendencies.
27 also calls for respecting the majority while protecting the minority, opposes anarchic "greater democracy" and is against putting one's will above that of the collective.
28 of the carefully organized fake news of old, there is now an anarchic outflow of lies.
29 his paintings Gu expresses the search for this kind of anarchic freedom and his evasiveness through the creation of a fairytale world inhabited by a kind of cheerful looking hermaphrodites.
30 Anarchic attitudes were also articulated by tragedians and philosophers in Greece.