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No. sentence
1 She scampered in London then went back to America.
2 In America, there was no compensating security; it was every man for himself.
3 Each time America marches in somewhere, it highlights the fact that it tends to act as global policemen.
4 Al's strategy was to hit back briefly on Quayle's attacks and keep talking about our positive plans for America.
5 the first and third eruptions covered most of North America with ash.
6 Yet he and others agree that the market cycle is at or near its top, particularly in America and Britain.
7 America is likely to press harder for Pakistan to tackle other extremist groups on its soil, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is thought to have been behind the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.
8 If your firm is in America," the lecturer continued, "tell them you can do it!"
9 Nuno Limão, of the University of Maryland, has shown that in the last global trade round America was slower to cut MFN tariffs wherever that would remove a plum from its allies’ mouths.
10 In the pressured atmosphere of America itself, however, this ideal was to become distorted by a radical form of individualism, which is now undermining social cohesion.
11 Perhaps the most surprising bout of consolidation and revival, however, has been in Latin America.
12 Open-heart surgery that would set you back $100, 000 in America costs only about $10, 000 in Penang.
13 Do you think America should allow it to proceed?
14 Bank of America, through its acquisition of Merrill Lynch, is now the world's largest asset manager, with most of its core assets in the United States.
15 Their whining rings hollow when booming commodity prices meant America actually spent only $11 billion on subsidies last year.
16 Studies in America and Britain find that a quarter of food from shops goes straight into the rubbish bin or is thrown away by shops and restaurants.
17 Tobacco is native to America.
18 have already sold three of the machines in America and Canada.
19 As I've emphasized in the past, this policy hurts the rest of the world, increasing unemployment in many other countries, America included.
20 Great reformers from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King have urged America to live up to its ideal of "freedom".
21 Australia, he thinks, the best outcome would be for America to relinquish primacy and share power with China and other countries in a "concert of Asia".
22 They soon discover that they are towering geniuses compared with the knuckle-draggers who inhabit the America of 2505.
23 And just as you fought for us, we're going to keep fighting for you - for more jobs, for more security, for the opportunity to keep your families strong and America competitive in the 21st century.
24 His actions and his memory enabled America to move beyond a young collection of States to become a free and unified Nation, striving for the promises and principles for which so many fought and died.
25 The American murderer was caught by the English police and extradited to America.
26 America went off the gold standard after the Great Depression.
27 I knew America would also get beyond this dark day when five Republican justices stripped thousands of their fellow Americans of their votes, just because they could.
28 Material such as wood chip pellets will be imported from North America and Africa, while UK-sourced biomass like tree stumps and corn stubble will also be used.
29 The company is now turning over thousands of pounds each year - with orders flooding in from as far away as America.
30 in dull, sprawling places with good schools, of the sort ridiculed by Hollywood and detested by urban planners, that America comes together.