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Almoravid in a sentence

1. Moroccan literature flourished in the Almoravid period.

2. Almoravid coin, 1138–1139.

3. El Cid's final years were spent fighting the Almoravid Berbers.

4. In 1125, he began an open revolt against Almoravid rule.

5. Once again, the Almoravid's objective was Toledo.

6. In March 1091, the Almoravid army besieged the city of Córdoba.

7. After this, the Islands became part of the Almoravid dynasty.

8. the Sanhaja Amazigh Almoravid Empire (1085-1145);

9. Flag of Morocco (Almoravid dynasty), 1070–1147.

10. After the Almoravid conquest the town became Almohad in 1156.

11. In 1103, Alpuente fell under the Almoravid dynasty.

12. The Banu Ghaniya were an Almoravid Sanhaja Berber dynasty.

13. Polylobed arches at the Almoravid Qubba in Marrakesh.

14. The Almoravid empire took over Taza in 1074.

15. In 1094, the kingdom was annexed by the Almoravid dynasty.

16. Almoravid Qubba in Marrakesh.

17. During the Almoravid period, many Lamtunas emigrated northwards.

18. The region was overtaken by the Almoravid dynasty in 1091.

19. The Almoravid dynasty lasted from 1040 to 1147.

20. The Almoravid Qubba also bears Ali's name.

21. Almoravid rule was not to last.

22. It was erected in 1970 and has a cupola in the Almoravid style.

23. Almoravid rule never included Ifriqiya.

24. After his death, the Almoravid emirate crumbled rapidly.

25. The Almoravid response was swift and decisive.

26. The Almoravid cavalry decimated the Aragonese soldiers.

27. Fannu (died April 1147) was a princess of the Almoravid dynasty.

28. The siege was successful and the Almoravid garrison surrendered.

29. Its name comes from an Almoravid Berber tribe.

30. Literature flourished in the Almoravid period.