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Allied military personnel in a sentence

1. The Evasion Network Command, in contact with the British Mi6, helped almost 400 fugitives, among whom were Allied military personnel.

2. However, authorities agree that the percentage of deaths among the rōmusha was much higher than among the Allied military personnel.

3. Three cemeteries maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) contain the vast majority of Allied military personnel who died on the Burma Railway.

4. assisting downed Allied airmen and other Allied military personnel evade and escape capture by the Germans.

5. As a result, the main purchasers of black market East German banknotes were Allied military personnel entering East Berlin, as they were exempt from East German customs inspection.

6. The American troops reportedly confused Berchtesgaden with the Berghof, and a French Army captain and his driver were the first Allied military personnel to reach the still-smoldering chalet.

7. Kowerski, who had lost part of his leg in a pre-war hunting accident, was now exfiltrating Polish and other Allied military personnel and collecting intelligence.

8. Allied military personnel in Paris celebrating V-J Day on August 15, 1945.

9. A number of Allied military personnel, including British, French, German and American troops, also defected.

10. There he was involved in covert activities, exfiltrating interned Polish, and other Allied, military personnel out of Hungary.

11. Only allied military personnel and foreign diplomats were allowed to access the bridge at any time.

12. Although officially called simply DD-224, she was nicknamed by her crew "RAMP-224," standing for "Recovered Allied Military Personnel".

13. Tito, his principal headquarters staff and the Allied military personnel escaped, despite their presence in Drvar at the time of the airborne assault.

14. The operation was a failure, as Tito, his principal headquarters staff and the Allied military personnel escaped, despite their presence in Drvar at the time of the airborne assault.

15. These 54 warships sank 53 merchant ships and three warships within the Australia Station, resulting in the deaths of over 1,751 Allied military personnel, sailors and civilians.

16. She picked up 90 more Allied military personnel at Nagasaki on 21 September and transported them back to the attack transport Renville in Buckner Bay.

17. The town of Broome, Western Australia, was attacked by Japanese fighter planes on 3 March 1942, during World War II. At least 88 civilians and Allied military personnel were killed.

18. The medal is awarded by the President of the Philippines to members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and allied military personnel, including recognized guerrilla forces.

19. Cemeteries for Malayan and Allied military personnel were created at Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore and Taiping War Cemetery in Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill), Taiping, Perak.

20. This was staffed by enlisted personnel and officers from all branches of the US military along with members of allied military personnel.

21. Admission was free to all U.S.-allied military personnel and civilian contractors posted in Iraq.

22. This Silver Wing Medal is a military decoration awarded by Armed Forces of the Philippines to Philippine and allied military personnel.

23. This port, which had been used for landing allied military personnel and supplies, was later turned over to and further developed by the Chinese Engineering &

24. A number of Allied military personnel, including British, French, West German, and United States troops, also defected.

25. A total of 28,000 allied military personnel participated in Operation Blinding Storm, including and more than 60 coalition ships and hundreds of aircraft.

26. The liners were heavily tasked transporting Allied military personnel across long distances, and arrived at Suez individually.

27. Nieuw Amsterdam sailed from Melbourne bound for San Francisco via New Zealand on 6 March carrying 2,189 Allied military personnel;

28. The year 1887 saw the addition of swords to the medal for award to both French or allied military personnel for acts of courage in favour of the French in time of war.

29. The Imperial Japanese Army also engaged in the execution and harsh treatment of Allied military personnel and POWs.

30. Collectively, the escape lines helped about 5,000 allied military personnel escape occupied Europe.