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Alisa in a sentence

1. Lilly married Alisa Blasingame in 1991.

2. They had two children, Robert and Alisa.

3. (D’Alisa et al. 2014: Degrowth.

4. She was played by Alisa Yuriko Durbrow.

5. In season 1, Alisa is played by Miriam Shor.

6. Alisa &

7. Nanoha meets Lindy at Alisa's grave.

8. and as Alisa to Sutherland's Lucia.

9. Aleksei was married to Alisa Kravchenko;

10. There she lost to Alisa Kleybanova.

11. Alisa asks them for help.

12. Alisa Shishkova, Russia, oboe;

13. Piloti, Alisa and Sanja Ilić &

14. He and his wife Alisa have three children.

15. He asks Kolya to find Alisa.

16. Ben-Ami married Alisa Biran in 2001.

17. Alisa is a simple girl.

18. Turns out, Evan and Alisa were siblings.

19. Another of his lovers was Alisa Koonen.

20. In 2013, she was sold to Alisa Co. Ltd.

21. Kara (House 2)• Alisa &

22. Jordon, Mickey, and Alisa give chase.

23. Alisa Jakobi is an Estonian artist.

24. The exchange is named after his dog, Alisa.

25. Daughter Alisa (born March 13, 2011).

26. He teamed up with Alisa Efimova in 2014.

27. Alisa Sergeevna Krylova (rus.

28. Alisa Xayalith, except where noted.

29. But wealth can not give him Alisa.

30. Alisa Ahmann is a German fashion model.