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Alibama in a sentence

1. Other spellings of the name have included Alibamu, Alabamo, Albama, Alebamon, Alibama, Alibamou, Alabamu, Allibamou.

2. Alabama is the subject of an Afrikaans folk song, "Daar kom die Alibama" still popular in South Africa today.

3. Alabama's visit to Cape Town in 1863 has passed (with a slight spelling change) into South African folklore in the Afrikaans song, Daar Kom die Alibama.

4. An example is the inspiration of the visits of the southern confederate raider CSS Alabama to the Cape in 1863 and 1864, resulting in the folk song "Daar kom die Alibama".

5. In 1835, white settlers killed Creek chief Alibama and burned his hut in a dispute.

6. The slave had heard the Indians ascribing the massacre to an act of revenge for Cooley's having failed to obtain the conviction of Chief Alibama's murderers.

7. Furthermore, "The Alibama" (also appearing in a one-minute longer version) featured lead vocals by co-writer Sandy Davis (Liz Mitchell sang the lead on the released version) and most likely slipped out by accident.

8. In 1835, white settlers killed a Seminole chief named Alibama and burned his hut in a dispute.

9. Also during 1983, La Mama once again contributed uncredited backing vocals to Boney M.'s seventh album Ten Thousand Lightyears on the tracks "I Feel Good", "Barbarella Fortuneteller" and "The Alibama".

10. In 1863 the CSS Alabama landed in Cape Town, which was immortalized by the folk song "Daar kom die Alibama".

11. Alibama is a genus of moths of the family Noctuidae.