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Alexander Kerensky in a sentence

1. The second coalition government was formed on 24 July, chaired by Alexander Kerensky.

2. Alexander Kerensky was a key player in the new regime.

3. In August she met with Alexander Kerensky, the Russian Prime Minister.

4. This was an attempt to topple the Provisional Government of Alexander Kerensky by force of arms.

5. This position was held by only two people, Georgy Lvov and Alexander Kerensky.

6. Alexander Kerensky was chosen to lead the provisional government.

7. But the new Russian "temporary leader" Alexander Kerensky declined.

8. Then the February Revolution led to a new Russian government under Alexander Kerensky.

9. In Fall of Eagles he played Alexander Kerensky.

10. With Prince Lvov, Alexander Kerensky and Pavel Miliukov Rodzianko visited Grand Duke Michael.

11. Then she was released on order of Alexander Kerensky.

12. So it will be." The Duma commission on the Lena massacre was headed by Alexander Kerensky.

13. The head of the Russian Provisional Government, Alexander Kerensky, was one of those immigrants.

14. He contributed regularly to Alexander Kerensky's journal Dni (Days).

15. He later played Russian politician Alexander Kerensky in Nicholas and Alexandra (1971).

16. His connections included people as diverse as Alexander Kerensky and Max Eastman.

17. he supported the policies of Alexander Kerensky.

18. These demands were rejected by Alexander Kerensky.

19. During the October Revolution he defended Petrograd against the forces of Alexander Kerensky.

20. Prokopovich held several ministerial portfolios in the Alexander Kerensky government.

21. Alexander Kerensky was seated as a "guest".

22. In 1917 he dedicated a poem to Alexander Kerensky.

23. La Russie opprimée was launched by Alexander Kerensky in 1926.

24. Premier Alexander Kerensky panicked and turned to the Petrograd Soviet –

25. Bagratuni was married to Anna Kerensky, the sister of Alexander Kerensky.

26. Alexander Kerensky took the opportunity to attack the Tsarist regime.

27. Alexander Kerensky played a leading role and eventually became Prime Minister.

28. Alexander Kerensky.

29. upon the recommendation of Alexander Kerensky and Bruno Germanovič Lopatin-Bart.

30. Formally, the idea of holding the meeting was put forward by Alexander Kerensky.