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Alcides in a sentence

1. Only then would Alcides be absolved of his sin.

2. The child was originally given the name Alcides by his parents;

3. It is a host plant for the zodiac moth (Alcides metaurus).

4. "Alcides" may refer to:

5. Endereço: Alcides Moura, 82 - Vila Popular.

6. Roger, Alcides&Vanir.

7. Alcides Vigo is a Peruvian football club, playing in the city of Lima.

8. On 9 August 2008, Alcides signed with Ukraine's FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.

9. Alceste ("Alcides";

10. Luis Alcides Cruz, were led out by FARC gunmen and shot.

11. The tournament winner, Alcides Vigo was promoted to the Playoff.

12. Pérez has played for Alcides Vigo, FBC Melgar, and Cienciano.

13. It is a mimic of Alcides agathyrsus.

14. Ing. Justo Alcides Méndez Rodriguez (December 2, 1917 –

15. Alcides orontes is a moth of the family Uraniidae.

16. Alcides metaurus is a moth of the family Uraniidae.

17. Alcides Ghiggia.

18. Alcides Mendoza Castro (March 14, 1928 –

19. The Velódromo Alcides Nieto Patiño is a velodrome in Cali, Colombia.

20. Alcmene and Hebe mourn the death of Alcides/Hercules.

21. Iphicles is surprised to discover that Hercules is Alcides.

22. In the 2nd, the Royals took the lead on a double from Alcides Escobar.

23. His Ph.D. thesis was on the life and works of Alcides Arguedas;

24. Alcides Escobar then bunted Rios to 3rd for the 1st out of the inning.

25. It is created by Alcides Nogueira.

26. E. alcides H.-Schaff.

27. Alcides Short Veira was a Brazilian rower.

28. Alcides Risco Batista (born 29 November 1953) is a Cuban rower.

29. Founded in 1974 as Alcides, the club reached the Eredivisie in 1987.

30. Alcides Paiva was a Brazilian water polo player.