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Alcaeus in a sentence

1. The works of Alcaeus are conventionally grouped according to five genres.

2. Ancient scholars quoted Alcaeus in support of various arguments.

3. Her mother was Anaxo, daughter of Alcaeus and Astydamia.

4. and less Greek, but he translated Alcaeus;

5. These archaic and classical musician-poets included Sappho, Alcaeus, Anacreon and Pindar.

6. Favorite poets of the school were Pindar, Anacreon, Alcaeus, Horace, and Ovid.

7. Alcaeus and Sappho holding their lyres and plectra.

8. 101), Alcaeus frag.

9. Aeolic Greek is widely known as the language of Sappho and of Alcaeus of Mytilene.

10. Alcaeus may refer to:

11. "Alcaeus". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.

12. His works cover such writers as Alcaeus, Anacreon, Pindar, Hesiod, and the tragedians.

13. Sappho and Alcaeus, 1881.

14. Heracles agreed and took two of Minos' grandsons, Alcaeus and Sthenelus.

15. The origins of the metaphor can be traced back to the lyric poet Alcaeus (frs.

16. i (second century CE), with the coronis used to mark the end of a poem by Alcaeus.

17. The king pardons Alcaeus and the lovers rejoice.

18. it is now traced back to a poem by Alcaeus.

19. Others bear the name of "Alcaeus of Messene," and some of Alcaeus alone.

20. Jerome discovers therein a Horace, a Catullus and an Alcaeus.

21. Alcaeus frr. 38a and 141 use the same meter as Book II of Sappho, and Alcaeus frr.

22. One notable form is the Alcaic stanza (e.g. Alcaeus frr.

23. Fabricius mentions another Alcaeus, a tragedian.

24. Alcaeus and Philiscus (or Alcius and Philiscus;

25. 134-135 LP), Alcaeus (frg.

26. The aristocrat and poet Alcaeus of Mytilene wrote several poems about this conflict.

27. Sappho and Alcaeus is an 1881 oil painting by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

28. Androgeus's sons were Sthenelus and Alcaeus, who later became companions of Heracles.

29. Fragments which may be by either Sappho or Alcaeus of Mytilene.

30. other fragments of the papyrus may be from lives of Alcaeus and Lysias.