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Alaska Natives in a sentence

1. no Alaska Natives are known to have lived on the island prior to this point.

2. As of 2018 there are about 108 students at the school, all Alaska Natives.

3. The racial makeup of the CDP was 55.88% White and 44.12% Alaska Natives.

4. Alaska Natives previously had many small reserves scattered around Alaska;

5. Today, Alaska Natives constitute over 15% of the population of Alaska.

6. Alaska Natives showed the least incidence of death.

7. In 2015 Alaska Natives caught 326 beluga whales and 49 bowhead whales.

8. All served the Alaska Natives of the region.

9. 33 were Native American or Alaska natives;

10. 85% of these are Alaska Natives: Yupik and Athabaskan people.

11. Alaska Natives or Métis are featured in some depictions.

12. The Yup'ik are the most numerous of the various Alaska Natives.

13. Alcohol abuse and suicide are common among Alaska Natives.

14. The Alaska Natives had no resistance to either of these diseases.

15. Some of the Alaska Natives absorbed the small 1700s Russian-era settlement.

16. These Alaska Natives were trained at a young age to hunt sea otters.

17. Notes: "Native Americans" includes Alaska natives.

18. Several hundred Alaska Natives and others live in the Yukon Flats area.

19. Notes: "Native Americans" includes Alaska natives.

20. LGBT Youth, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Military/Veterans.

21. 0.3% were American Indians and Alaska Natives;

22. Alaska Natives tell stories where nature plays a main role.

23. The Alaska Natives have long had traditions of cross-dressing practices.

24. LGBT Youth, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Military/Veterans.

25. Coastal Alaska Natives divided their catch into 10 sections.

26. Song and dance have continued to be celebrated by Alaska Natives.

27. Alaska Natives showed the lowest incidence of alcohol-related death.

28. No Alaska Natives have ever served in Congress.

29. Many marine species have traditional cultural value to Alaska Natives;

30. He is a member of the Iñupiat group of Alaska Natives.