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Alaska Airlines in a sentence

1. SFO is a hub for United Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

2. Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are headquartered in the city.

3. It has regular jet service provided by Alaska Airlines.

4. Alaska Airlines occasionally uses Gate 9 as well.

5. The airport is a hub for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air.

6. Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, and WestJet.

7. Alaska Airlines and JetBlue moved to the Marine Air Terminal.

8. Alaska Airlines began a Mexico service in October 2015.

9. It also serves as a secondary hub for Alaska Airlines.

10. In 1945, Alaska Airlines hired its first stewardesses.

11. In 1987, Alaska Airlines purchased Jet America Airlines.

12. In 1991, Alaska Airlines added several routes.

13. This hurt Alaska Airlines;

14. Alaska Airlines continues pioneering new technologies today.

15. Media related to Alaska Airlines at Wikimedia Commons.

16. Portland and Seattle by Alaska Airlines;

17. Alaska Airlines serves Seattle with the Boeing 737.

18. Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, and WestJet.

19. Alaska Airlines flies Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 jetliners.

20. Cordova Airlines was acquired by Alaska Airlines in 1968.

21. Jet America Airlines was merged into Alaska Airlines in 1987.

22. He is a pilot and CFO For Alaska Airlines since 2014.

23. Kennedy became the CEO of Alaska Airlines in 1979.

24. Sold in January 1962 to Alaska Airlines.

25. Mileage Plan is the frequent-flyer program of Alaska Airlines.

26. TripHub has liaisons with Alaska Airlines and Orbitz.

27. As of 2017 the title sponsor of the race is Alaska Airlines.

28. Terminal 6 is the hub for Alaska Airlines.

29. Alaska Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-6A, N 6118C.

30. He then worked for the Alaska Airlines from 1946 to 1956.