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Alabamian in a sentence

1. Her father, Arthur Henley Keller (1836–1896), spent many years as an editor of the Tuscumbia North Alabamian and had served as a captain in the Confederate Army.

2. Opposed to prohibition and the Klan, the Alabamian failed to identify himself with the kind of progressivism that would have won him some compensating support.

3. King was the only U.S. vice president from the state of Alabama and held the highest political office of any Alabamian in American history.

4. Alabamian James Francis Towns (1850–1937) came in 1870 and settled nearby on the San Gabriel River.

5. As Speaker, Bankhead held the second-highest political office of any Alabamian, after only Vice President William R. King.

6. J. Mills Thornton III explained the viewpoint of the average white Alabamian.

7. Pierce, who was hoping to stave off an insurrection by appeasing the South, agreed to nominate the Alabamian Campbell.

8. The band added fellow Alabamian guitarist and songwriter Jason Isbell to their line-up as the band's third guitarist.

9. Laws focused on 'grooming' were first enforced federally against Alabamian Jerry Alan Penton in 2009.

10. It follows two men who kidnap, and demand a ransom for, a wealthy Alabamian's son.

11. The award is presented annually to honor an Alabamian for outstanding service to his/her community and state.

12. The West Alabamian reported that windows were being installed in the courthouse on February 20, 1878.

13. Rainey was amenable to that, and also accepted Ashbrook's discouragement when the Alabamian wanted to double the authorized number of coins.

14. The Dirty South is the fifth album by Alabamian alternative country/Southern rock group Drive-By Truckers, released in 2004.

15. Petrie is the first Alabamian to earn a Ph.D. degree.

16. The tensions extended to the Seminole Indian sub-agent, Marcellus Duval, an Alabamian with land holdings back east and connections in Washington.

17. The lyrics are written from the point of view of an Alabamian who is returning home, presumably from working in a larger city like New York or Chicago.

18. Fillmore responded to one Alabamian in a widely published letter that slavery was an evil, but one that the federal government had no authority over.

19. His father, Boss Thomas, was an early Alabamian who migrated and re-settled in Texas.

20. Mississippian John W. Pierce and Alabamian Samuel G. Spann organized the Mississippi Choctaw.

21. Ivan Maisel has often joked about his odd background, being a Jewish Alabamian.

22. Greenhaw wrote for various Alabamian newspapers and magazines, worked as the state's tourism director, and was considered "a strong voice for his native state".

23. For example, some Floridian and Alabamian municipal flags feature a saltire, due to saltires being used on their states' flags.

24. Merrill also declined to publicize the passage of legislation that enabled some 60,000 Alabamian former felons to vote.

25. Opposed to prohibition and the Klan, the Alabamian failed to identify himself with the kind of progressivism that would have won hims some compensating support.

26. The Alabamian coat of arms features the Confederate battle flag's saltire in its design.

27. It was one of several songs that Williams pitched to his friend Braxton Schuffert, a fellow Alabamian country singer who went on to release the song in 1950.

28. Rusty Paul is the Alabamian mayor of Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States.

29. Before entering the political sphere, he worked in the newspaper business working for the North Alabamian and the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

30. Established in 1915 under the name Southeast Alabamian, the paper was renamed the Abbeville Herald in 1918 when H.H. Golson became its publisher.