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No. sentence
1 like the ripening of a fruit - it's about waiting for each bottle to reach the perfect age.
2 Her genius began to bud at an early age.
3 Jane was the only one who fulfilled all the conditions; she was of the required age, height and colour.
4 I have reached an age where they really shouldn't have to worry about me, but here I am, worrying them terribly for the second time in less than a year.
5 His dad taught him since a young age, so he knows how to build a house, he can wire up any office, he can build a computer from nothing, and fix a car.
6 The buildings that were built before the age of air conditioners were designed as green buildings-they just didn't call it that," says Peck.
7 age of a person is usually reckoned from his or her date of birth.
8 lady said she was lamed by age.
9 Life often seems to be marked off into different periods: childhood, schooldays, marriage, old age, for example.
10 Ironically, in an age that conceives of God as wholly loving, altogether devoid of wrath, few people really understand what God's love is all about.
11 While most children of his age are painting or drawing with crayons, Lim Ding Wen has been programming.
12 Another newcomer is oil trader Lim Oon Kuin, who founded Hin Leong at the age of 20.
13 Many people call the age we live in the age of technology.
14 This means that we use an age and risk group based approach in line with most other countries that have seasonal influenza vaccination programmes.
15 If the average retirement age were raised to near 70 to qualify for retirement and elderly health benefits, retirees would still have more absolute years of retirement than they did 90 years ago.
16 Because all women know that age is not just a number - it defines us, shapes us, influences what we do, how we do it, and whom we do it with.
17 We are very similar to other teenagers, we all deal with the problems of our age, like love etc.
18 She died and was buried in Fanch 'eng in 1907 at the age of 36, leaving her husband and seven young children.
19 age of 12, an intrepid Wernher von Braun loaded his toy wagon with some firecrackers and shot off across a crowded German street.
20 is imagined as sovereign because the concept was born in an age in which Enlightenment and Revolution were destorying the legitamcy of the divinely-ordained, hierarchical dynastic realm.
21 That's a big chronological span, and it netted a big genetic haul: the research identified no fewer than 440 genes that start to slow down after age 40.
22 this age, they should be studying and nestling in the arms of their parents.
23 She attributes her great age to carefully planned diet.
24 Since many Greeks live on or near the sea, water sports are popular and children learn to swim at an early age.
25 tragic myth mean precisely for the Greeks of the best, strongest, and bravest age?
26 I didn't want to hold the sack so close that it would break the eggs or squash the hamburger buns, but it was slipping, and as I looked behind a boy my age, maybe older, rushed toward me.
27 given their age and size, most of them must have had people die in them at some point.
28 Your age, gender, activity level and overall health will ultimately determine which type of diet is best for you, but the pyramid is a great place to start.
29 Its moose had died of old age, days before. But a big, friendly, black bear rolled in the sun.
30 For example, you might have a list of contacts, each of whom must have a name, age, and telephone number.