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Aesop in a sentence

1. Aesop, by Velázquez.

2. Two of Aesop's fables feature the god.

3. The beautiful Rhodope in love with Aesop.

4. Little by Aesop was included.

5. Aesop's fables, in his opinion are.

6. translated into Hebrew the life of Aesop;

7. fables, of Aesop;

8. Eventually, Aesop teaches Walt how to read.

9. or Aesop in the Shades.

10. It was produced by Aesop Rock.

11. Aesop, AESOP, or Aesopus may also refer to:

12. The source of most of the fables was Aesop.

13. Aesop judges the argument.

14. Aesop included a dog-and-snake version.

15. Aesop may not have written his fables.

16. And Aesop, methinks, is weaving some fable;

17. The main characters in Aesop World include:

18. Aesop Rock provided vocals on "Dirt".

19. "Modern Aesop Fables".

20. Aesop's Fables may also refer to:

21. But Aesop also has eyes for Delarai.

22. But Aesop also has eyes for Delarai.

23. Each Aesop store is unique.

24. Aesop by Velázquez.

25. and illustrated Aesop's Fables.

26. It is not based on a fable written by Aesop.

27. Aesop's fable. Seated figure eating.

28. Aesop's Fables are satires.

29. Go," Aesop shouted to him.

30. AESOP, novelist, nature faker.