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Aeolic in a sentence

1. In Doric and Aeolic, long alpha is preserved in all positions.

2. in Aeolic as Ποτειδάων (Poteidaōn);

3. Aeolic Greek: ϝοῖνος woinos;

4. The Aeolic dialect of Thessalian was spoken in Thessaly.

5. Aeolic Greek was spoken in Boeotia.

6. ⁓ Doric and Aeolic ā in all positions.

7. Proto-Greek ā > Ionic ē; in Doric, Aeolic, ā remains;

8. The Lesbian dialect was Aeolic Greek.

9. Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Greek *kʷ changed to Aeolic p everywhere.

10. In Aeolic and Doric, Proto-Greek long ā remains.

11. Aeolic athematic infinitive active ends in -men or (Lesbian) -menai.

12. All three of these Aeolic endings occur in Homer.

13. Many lyric poems were written in the Aeolic dialect.

14. The dialect of ancient Greek they spoke is referred to as Aeolic.

15. The form is attributed to Asclepiades of Samos and is one of the Aeolic metres.

16. As with other Aeolic metrical lines, the asclepiad is built around a choriamb.

17. However, for most ancients, Aeolic was synonymous with literary Lesbic.

18. Stephanus of Byzantium characterized Boeotian as Aeolic and Aetolian as Doric.

19. Doric and Aeolic show the original forms with ā (ᾱ).

20. Aeolic is closely related to Arcadocypriot.

21. The other sides are decorated with fake windows and four Aeolic pilasters.

22. Sappho (/ˈsæfoʊ/; Aeolic Greek Ψαπφώ Psapphô; c. 630 –

23. In Greek poetry, the cretic was usually a form of paeonic or aeolic verse.

24. Also called the choriambo-cretic, the pattern is common in Aeolic verse.

25. The Aeolic order fell out of use at the end of the Archaic Period.

26. Aeolic park. Rakita plateau.

27. Road to aeolic park.

28. In the Aeolic dialect, the digamma was retained as upsilon (υ u).

29. The dialect is a mixture of Aeolic and Doric.

30. According to an old text found in the language Aeolic of Lesbos.