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Admetus in a sentence

1. Admetus was the king of Pherae, who was known for his hospitality.

2. Admetus, the king of Pherae, was also Apollo's lover.

3. He would also make cheese and serve it to Admetus.

4. This satisfied Alcestis' father and he let Admetus marry his daughter.

5. The prologue of that play has Apollo explain: House of Admetus!

6. Admetus succeeded his father Pheres after whom the city was named.

7. Admetus' wife Alcestis offered to substitute her own death for his.

8. Admetus was famed for his hospitality and justice.

9. Admetus, however, neglected to sacrifice to Artemis, Apollo's sister.

10. When they were unwilling, Alcestis instead died for Admetus.

11. Scenes from the myth of Admetus and Alcestis.

12. Admetus interpreted it a portent of an early death.

13. Scenes from the myth of Admetus and Alcestis.

14. At the last instant, Heracles arrived at the home of Admetus.

15. King Admetus is dying, and his people are in despair.

16. Admetus, and other Poems (1871);

17. Admetus and Other Poems followed in 1871.

18. Apollo wishes to repay Admetus' hospitality and offers him freedom from death.

19. he seeks refuge with Admetus who entrusts him with his herds.

20. Alcestis and Admetus.

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22. As Admetus was absent, Admetus' queen, Phthia, welcomed Themistocles.

23. On his return to Epirus, Admetus assured Themistocles of his protection.

24. In 1883 he created Admetus in Alfredo Catalani’s Dejanice at La Scala.

25. Admetus or Admetos (Greek: Ἄδμητος) may refer to:

26. Admetus gives no satisfactory answer, leaving "Rosilda" still very unhappy.

27. It seems to Admetus that his duty is now to marry Antigona.

28. Admetus (foaled 28 February 1970) was a French-bred Thoroughbred racehorse.

29. Admetus was sent into training with Dick Hern at West Ilsley in Berkshire.

30. In January 1924 he was Admetus in Boughton's Alkestis.