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1 I also have a Usenet posting by Rick Adams, dated November 23, 1988, stating that "At long last, the 4.3BSD files that do not contain ATT code are available to anyone who wants them."
2 Everything we’ve got, ” wrote Paul Adams at Popular Science, “Internet servers, telephone backbones, the microprocessor in the keyboard I’m using to type this — emanates from Ritchie’s work.”
3 Adams next door couldn't Pierce her daughter's thoughts.
4 Mr. Adams produced his potent argument at the meeting.
5 If you get no results, that should tell you something," says Adams.
6 All of the people including Mr. Adams gazed at them with surprise.
7 It was also the year that the midfielder married former Spice Girl Victoria Adams.
8 For research in 2005 that overturned the long-held belief that oil and water do not mix, the prize was awarded to Eric Adams at MIT and others, including researchers at BP.
9 But Gary Adams, the vice-president of economics and policy analysis for the National Cotton Council, reckons that the high prices were mostly due to fundamentals.
10 Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Quincy Adams, then Abraham Lincoln and in the 20th century just Woodrow Wilson," he said.
11 Someone who spent their formative years in Massachusetts, say, may always hanker for Samuel Adams, a local beer.
12 Those jokes from Adams about a mishap destroying the planet must have gotten to me.
13 for composers, modernists like bela bartok were hieratic and formalist, and postmodernists, like John Adams, were playful and interested in deconstructing.
14 DOUGLAS ADAMS, the late lamented author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, dreamed up many comic creations. One of his greatest was the Babel fish.
15 I would also recommend Adams' book, Along Some Rivers, Conversations and Photographs, in which he almost convinced me that Dorothea Lange was a better photographer than Walker Evans. Almost.
16 They were named as Corporal Kevin Mulligan, 26, who was the father of an unborn child, Lance Corporal Dale Hopkins, 23, and Private Kyle Adams, 21.
17 Thedisused bunker was reopened in 2008 with its futuristic design the brainchildof Swedish architects Albert France-Lanord, who were inspired by Bond setscreated by Sir Kenneth Adams.
18 Then humans, the wretched descendents of Adams as the scripture tells within the eon, have been meditating such questions as why creatures exist.
19 Physically, Adams was a striking contrast to the gentle, slightly rumpled, professorial Hume.
20 It looks like something the Adams family would drive.
21 When Adams showed up at the lunch, John Hume encouraged me to go over and shake hands with him, so I did.
22 I waited patiently for Adams to do whatever he thought was necessary.
23 We know if you eat a balanced diet like mom told us to eat you get this material," Adams said.
24 Here, Gill Adams, one of the organisers of Silver Surfers' Day, gives her top ten reasons why all older people should get connected.
25 Adams said no more, but he placed a new photo on his desk.
26 When John Adams was elected President, she continued a formal pattern of entertaining — even in the primitive conditions she found at the new capital in November 1800.
27 No," said the boy. "She's Annabel Adams."
28 The announcement sent a signal to David Trimble and the Unionists that for Sinn Fein and the IRA, violence, as Adams had said, is a thing of the past, over, done with, and gone.
29 I held up the dark glasses. "Do we need these?" Adams had brought them for the explosion of light he was expecting across the monitors.
30 If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family Anatidae on our hands," said Rose, quoting Douglas Adams.