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No. sentence
1 Not so, according to women I have interviewed who have reached the apex of their professions.
2 According to hospital records, no patients in the ward where she worked showed signs of influenza-like illness while hospitalized.
3 Each of these participants provides services and realizes capabilities according to the service interface.
4 When you map data from one attribute to another with a static relationship, you can also transform the data according to the table you create with the relationship editor.
5 Over half of all deaths from natural disasters worldwide are due to drought and famine, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
6 As part of the ISOC, it administers the process according to the rules and procedures which have been ratified by the ISOC Trustees.
7 of whining were found in the Netherlands, Thailand and Ireland, according to the study by the FDS research group.
8 Bill Gates betrayed his ailing business partner and tried to deprive him of his share of the Microsoft fortune, according to a scathing memoir from Paul Allen, the company's billionaire co-founder.
9 According to the data which acquired in the Yuxi copper mineral industry company of Yunnan and the design mission book that teacher Yu descend to, the design has been finished.
10 According to the real situation of the production of a factory of Qujing Prefecture, where the use the best Scientific production plan made on basis of linear programming.
11 According to the writer Walter Ellis, author of a book called the Oxbridge Conspiracy, Britain is still dominated by the old-boy network: it isn't what you know that matters, but who you know.
12 Cuban cigar sales rose 2% last year, according to the latest figures, reversing a downward trend.
13 According to the archaeologist, who was consulted on the exhibition, a panel of experts considered other versions of history, but this was quickly rebuffed.
14 As the pastime took off around the world, clubs sprang up in several countries, and the first international stamp exhibition was held in 1881, according to the International Federation of Philately.
15 post office classify mail according to places it is to go.
16 Both exist with absolute certainty, though of course each exists and operates according to its own set of laws and principles.
17 According to a brief Augusta later filed, he was concerned that she was “hostile to God”.
18 The teacher regraded the students into small groups according to ability.
19 was also, according to new findings at what is believed to be the wreck of his ship, "Queen Anne's Revenge," inventive with his weaponry.
20 Potatoes are graded according to size and quality.
21 According to the report, the capacity of a country to absorb new technology depends on its overall economic status and governance.
22 Next, ensure that the index has these columns in the proper sequence (according to the ORDER BY clause), so that a sort can be avoided.
23 When the bike rider is faster (which will be most of the time), each person should maintain their own sides of the street, traveling the correct way according to the rules.
24 We ranged steel pipes according to thickness and length.
25 Therefore, if you have the same set of characters in a string, its length may defer according to the encoding used.
26 According to the Hibernate Shards documentation, this property is quite expensive and should be turned off in a production environment.
27 Bank robberies in the US take place most often between 9 am and 11 am, on Fridays and in southern and western states, according to the Bank Crime Statistics (BCS) released by the FBI on Tuesday。
28 Research has shown female pandas who are pregnant with twins deliver the second cub anytime between 12 minutes and 12 hours after giving birth to the first, according to the zoo's Web site.
29 According to his research, if a woman fancies someone and is laughing, her foot will move away from her body and she will have an open leg posture.
30 This heavy metal, which can also contaminate water and soil, can interfere with nearly every aspect of fetal development, causing brain and kidney damage, according to the CCHE.