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About half in a sentence

1. in winter it is about half that.

2. About half the days are sunny.

3. Only about half returned.

4. about half are comedies.

5. It was now about half past four.

6. about half join law firms.

7. About half (15) were Unitarians.

8. so far it is about half-full.

9. It took about half an hour.

10. only about half of its budget.

11. about half is rather enjoyable.

12. about half is capital outlay.

13. About half are from California.

14. About half of them are teachers.

15. cell about half length of wing;

16. The toes are about half-webbed.

17. The toes are about half-webbed.

18. It is about half an acre.

19. About half of the Bedouin moved.

20. About half were sold in Germany.

21. owned about half of all slaves;

22. It was about half a mile long.

23. It takes about half an hour.

24. only about half of its budget.

25. About half of these are endemic;

26. About half were female;

27. Only about half returned.

28. About half the tracks were used.

29. About half survived.

30. Oceans absorb about half this.