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A stretch in a sentence

1. A stretch in Harrisonburg was opened as well.

2. It is also a stretch reflex.

3. They run together on a stretch of the city bypass.

4. That's too much of a stretch."

5. Axonotmesis mainly follows a stretch injury.

6. It began a stretch of five consecutive losses.

7. A stretch of rock eroded by wind, water, and sand.

8. It wasn't much of a stretch!

9. He worked for three months at a stretch.

10. He also had a stretch of 116 consecutive games.

11. In A), Stretch of a right hip flexor, iliopsoas.

12. The area encompasses a stretch of the Front Range.

13. It was a stretch of Ustrzyki deposits of oil.

14. The A58 has a stretch called Aachen Way.

15. It's definitely a stretch and a leap.

16. It's a little bit of a stretch, but, you know."

17. It wasn't that much of a stretch."

18. They are separated from it by a stretch of lawn.

19. This, to put it mildly, is a stretch."

20. This he did for many years at a stretch.

21. It wasn't a stretch at all;

22. It’s almost a stretch to call it jazz.

23. A reach is (among other things) a stretch of water.

24. In fact, even calling it a "film" is a stretch.

25. The site is a stretch of a former railway line.

26. The site includes a stretch of Harpers Brook.

27. A stretch of breakwater in Souris was washed out.

28. The lorry skidded on a stretch of black ice .

29. Lashi Lake is a stretch of plateau wetlands.

30. You did a stretch in Cashman too?