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A global strategy in a sentence

1. A global strategy to stem the crisis was released in 2005 in the form of the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan.

2. The rationale was that the name change would help the pursuit of a global strategy.

3. In the opinion of Professor Paul Dukes, "a superpower must be able to conduct a global strategy including the possibility of destroying the world;

4. Fairtrade's work is guided by a global strategy focused on ensuring that all farmers earn a living income, and agricultural workers earn a living wage.

5. The WHO has also developed a global strategy and goal to end preventable death related to maternal mortality.

6. The designer, Draper Kauffman, had been trying to develop a "global strategy game" for many years when he received a copy of Illuminati.

7. During the year the company had commenced a 'Global Strategy', opening offices in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Zurich.

8. After the Clinton administration, Browner became a founding member of the Albright Group, a "global strategy group" headed by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

9. A global strategy may be appropriate in industries where firms are faced with strong pressures for cost reduction but with weak pressures for local responsiveness.

10. A global strategy involves thinking in an integrated way about all aspects of business-its suppliers, production sites, markets, and competition.

11. Roland Berger is a global strategy consulting firm headquartered in Munich, with 50 offices in 36 countries.

12. Many indigenous mission agencies were formed as a result, and Brierley formed a "global strategy for launching mission movements in non-Western countries."

13. In August 2015 the World Health Organization unveiled a global strategy and action plan to integrate WASH with other public health interventions in order to accelerate elimination of NTDs.

14. She is also a Senior Director of Albright Stonebridge Group, a global strategy firm, where she assists clients with issues related to East Asia.

15. E-mails, fax transmissions, websites, cell phones, and satellite telephones have made it possible for organizations to contemplate a global strategy.

16. He is also currently a Senior Advisor at the Albright Stonebridge Group, a global strategy firm, where he assists clients with issues involving Russia and countries in the former Soviet Union.

17. A lack of less important factors, such as an unskilled labor force or access to raw materials, can be mediated through technology or by implementing what Porter calls "a global strategy."

18. At USGSC, Morris co-authored the nonlethal weapons concept and the seminal paper, Nonlethality: A Global Strategy, and co-led the USGSC's Nonlethality Policy Review Group.

19. The World Health Organization has published a Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health report which was endorsed by the May 2004 World Health Assembly.

20. Marketspace was a unit of Monitor Deloitte, a global strategy services and merchant banking firm, which now operates as an independent professional services firm.

21. He then founded Sogato Strategies S.A., a global strategy and risk consultancy, in Geneva.

22. As part of a global strategy MTV music content with the launch of MTV World Stage and Friday Night Music, both shows helped to maintain MTV's audience figures.

23. BTS Group AB (BTS) is a global strategy implementation consulting firm founded in 1986.

24. Partners is a global strategy consulting firm with over 1,400 employees in 39 offices.

25. With the goal of implementing a global strategy to fight cancer, France launched the Cancer Plan in 2003.

26. DeLuca USA, as part of a global strategy to ramp up their premium lifestyle portfolio, revealing plans to open hundreds of stores within 2 years, and expanding into more than 15 countries.

27. Discussion topics included a Global Strategy for the Governance for A.I., which will include policy recommendations.

28. In the same year, the United Nations General Assembly agreed on the urgency of a global strategy to combat AIDS.

29. Working Group's mandate is to prepare a global strategy and plan of action on essential health research to address conditions affecting developing countries disproportionately.

30. Mainstreaming gender concept in all phases of social development has been defined in the Program of Action, Beijing, as a global strategy to promote the gender equality.