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A fifth century in a sentence

1. Tao Sheng, a fifth-century Chinese Buddhist monk wrote the earliest extant commentary on the Lotus Sūtra.

2. Empedocles, a fifth-century BC Greek philosopher, identified Fire, Earth, Air, and Water as elements.

3. The name "Bodelwyddan" translates as Abode (Bod) of Elwyddan, he being a fifth century Romano Chieftain of the area.

4. The museum is also home to the Ma'agan Michael Ship, the wreck of a fifth-century BCE merchantman.

5. It is built on the site of a fifth-century Byzantine church.

6. This coin collection holds one of the most valuable coins in the field of numismatics, a fifth-century Sicilian tetradrachm.

7. Ephialtes was a fifth century BC Athenian statesman.

8. The church was designed after a fifth-century basilica in Ravenna, Italy.

9. This is a seventh-century document, once, but no longer, taken as to contain a fifth-century original text.

10. Sangiban was a fifth-century Alan king at the time of Attila's invasion of Gaul (451).

11. Saint Diadochos of Photiki was a fifth-century ascetic whose works are included in the Philokalia.

12. Saint Anatolius of Alexandria was a fifth-century saint who became the first patriarch of Constantinople in 451.

13. Renatus Profuturus Frigeridus was a fifth-century historian.

14. Flavius Rusticius Helpidius was a fifth-century poet.

15. Maël was a fifth-century Breton saint who lived as a hermit in Wales.

16. It was popularized by a fifth-century saint Maël who lived in Wales.

17. The first line (A solis ortu...) is drawn from a fifth-century hymn of Caelius Sedulius.

18. Theodotus of Ancyra was a fifth-century bishop of Ancyra (modern Ankara).

19. Saint Titian of Brescia (Italian: San Tiziano di Brescia) was a fifth-century bishop of Brescia.

20. The chapel was dedicated to Saint Parthée (San Parteu), a fifth-century saint who was very popular in the Giunssani.

21. In the center of the Royal Pantheon is a sarcophagus covered by a fifth century marble tombstone.

22. Athenaeus associates the work with Botrys of Messana, a fifth-century author described as a "shameful writer" by Timaeus.

23. The crypt contains the remains of a fifth-century Roman basilica.

24. Mary is also dying in a house or room, which has more in common with a fifteenth century home than a fifth century one.

25. Venantius of Berri was a fifth century Saint and abbot.

26. Saint Ina is thought to be a fifth century Welsh saint and a member of the royal house of Gwynedd.

27. The ruins of a fifth century church stand above a beach at the east end of the island.

28. Gildas, a fifth-century Romano-British monk, was the first major historian of Wales and England.

29. Patricius (Patrikios) was a fifth-century Roman jurist who taught in the ancient Law School of Berytus (present-day Beirut).

30. Koguryo's former capital, near Ji'an in China's Jilin province, a magnificent stele praises the deeds of a fifth-century king.