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AHRS in a sentence

1. The Alaska Heritage Resources Survey (AHRS) is a restricted inventory of all reported historic and prehistoric sites within the state of Alaska;

2. Rather than using a spinning gyroscope, modern AHRS use solid-state electronics, low-cost inertial sensors, rate gyros, and magnetometers.

3. a Lear-Siegler 501OBL automatic heading and reference system (AHRS);

4. An attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) consists of sensors on three axes that provide attitude information for aircraft, including roll, pitch and yaw.

5. In addition to attitude determination an AHRS may also form part of an inertial navigation system.

6. AHRS have proven themselves to be highly reliable and are in common use in commercial and business aircraft.

7. This computed roll attitude is then compared with the roll attitude input to the symbol generator from the INS or AHRS.

8. Unlike many competing systems, the AHRS can be rebooted and recalibrated in flight during turns of up to 20 degrees.

9. The system has the potential to reduce downtime as key components, such as the AHRS, ADC and PFD, are modular and easily replaced.

10. Historically, AHRs have all been small research reactors, not large power reactors.

11. AHRs were widely used as research reactors as they are self-controlling, have very high neutron fluxes, and were easy to manage.

12. As of April 2006, only five AHRs were operating according to the Research Reactor database.

13. When introduced in 2003 it was the first stand-alone, completely solid-state FAA certified attitude and heading reference system (AHRS).

14. AHRS is considered the premier helicopter-rescue training school of its kind by most military and civilian rescue operators.

15. Such sensors are Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors.

16. Flying without the AHRS meant that the pilots could not maintain the correct heading in the limited visibility of clouds on their ascent.

17. In other words, the hardware consists of two boards: the microcontroller board (the core) and the sensors board (the AHRS).

18. The OpenPilot AHRS was a 9DOF unit and contains MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers and a 3 direction magnetometer.

19. Combined with the sensors, the OpenPilot AHRS contains its own Cortex M3 microcontroller which runs a Kálmán filter.

20. The OpenPilot AHRS contained the following components:

21. In 2012, the companies released the DFC90 Autopilot, which integrates with Aspen displays and shares AHRS signals.

22. The AHRS system is cheaper and a lot of universities and companies are developing AHRS systems based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors.

23. The Alaska Heritage Resources Survey (AHRS) is a restricted inventory of all reported historic and prehistoric sites within the state of Alaska;

24. Filtering was also added to the AHRS system to account for gusts and maneuver loads.

25. The tomcod actually has two types of AHRs, with AHR-2 offering the most effective binding to dioxin-like pollutants.

26. these proteins - aryl hydrocarbon receptors, or AHRs - are often referred to as dioxin receptors.

27. LCR-100 AHRS units will be built by the company's German navigation systems subsidiary, Northrop Grumman LITEF.

28. Experiments and application show that the AHRS is real time, high reliable and has strong anti-interference ability.

29. Secondly, this paper introduces the hardware and software design of AHRS based on ARM.

30. This paper researches a kind of AHRS which consists of high-performance ARM embedded microprocessor and embedded real-time operating system.