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50 gendarmes in a sentence

1. These actions were preceded by the arrival of Colonel René-Jules Baulard with 50 gendarmes and the mobilization of 200 local militias or sometent led by the Síndic Francesc Cairat.

2. According to Ćetković, the town was, at this moment in time, defended by around 100 members of the national guard i.e 20–30 men each from several tribes around Cetinje, 50–60 members of the youth, 50 gendarmes and policemen and 100 members of the 2nd Yugoslav Regiment under Colonel Dragutin Milutinović. The troops were lacking in ammunition, and every defender had between 50 and 100 rounds.

3. The main actors of the strike were Jure Kerošević (Guja), Osman Đulović (Topčo), Mujo Đulović (Mujko), Karlo Železnik, Ivan Brcun, Franjo Marić, Marko Fidler, Bozo Mrkić, Simo Topalović, Mijo Tomić. The 7,000 miners, armed with simple stones and pickaxes, quickly decimated the gendarmes and police officers, which caused the anger of the authorities who sent two battalions of the army as well as heavy artillery and 50 gendarmes that same evening.