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37.2 million in a sentence

1. Globally, autism affects an estimated 24.8 million people as of 2015, while Asperger syndrome affects a further 37.2 million.

2. Brâncuși's piece Madame L.R. sold for €29.185 million ($37.2 million) in 2009, setting a record price for a sculpture sold at auction.

3. In 2015, Asperger's was estimated to affect 37.2 million people globally (about 0.5% of people).

4. In 2015, it was estimated that 37.2 million people globally are affected.

5. The film was her final wide release of the decade in North America, where it grossed $37.2 million.

6. World demand of newsprint in 2006 totaled about 37.2 million metric tonnes, according to the Montreal-based Pulp &

7. its final cost was CA$2,480,349.05 ($37.2 million in 2018 dollars).

8. On September 5, 2002, the state began the program with a four-year $37.2-million contract with Apple Inc.

9. In May it had 37.2 million unique users in the U.S. for the month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

10. This equates to 37.2 million people affected by food insecurity.

11. Sales had reached approximately $37.2 million with a net profit of $1.13 million.

12. In January 2019, General Dynamics was awarded a $37.2 million contract to upgrade the Marine Corps' LAV fleet.

13. This was during the earliest Bartonian Stage of the Eocene Epoch (40.5 to 37.2 million years ago).

14. the city and county provided Dell with $37.2 million in incentive packages;

15. The total value of the assets returned amounted to 37.2 million gold marks.

16. Its total gross for its four weeks of showing added up to Php 37.2 million.

17. It was collected in the Archaeocete Valley site, from the Paracas Formation of the Pisco Basin about 40.4 to 37.2 million years ago.

18. Estimating that 37.2 million people living in food-insecure households, and experienced food insecurity in 2018.

19. / -28.2; -55.9) during the Eocene (Casamayoran SALMA) 48.6 to 37.2 million years ago.

20. It was found in Bartonian (40.4 to 37.2 million years ago) layers of the Ameki Formation (6°00′N 7°00′E

21. Its series A round of funding in March 2014, led by venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz, raised US$37.2 million.

22. It was the fourth highest-grossing Japanese film at the Japanese box office in 2015, with ¥4.48 billion (US$37.2 million).

23. Most noteworthy was the purchase of two high-end Australian properties for $37.2 million in 2015.

24. This genus is known in the fossil record from the Permian period to the Eocene (age range from 254.0 to 37.2 million years ago).

25. This genus is known in the fossil record from the Carboniferous period to the Eocene period (from about 313.8 to 37.2 million years ago).

26. This genus is known in the fossil record from the Jurassic to the Eocene (from about 175.6 to 37.2 million years ago).

27. Direct economic losses were placed at ¥251 million (US$37.2 million).

28. In 2018, project EDWARD reached a score of 37.2 million on the Twitter social media.

29. The address was aired on 12 television networks and was watched by 37.2 million viewers, not including views from online live streams.

30. Leptomithrax is a genus of crabs in the family Majidae, and have been on Earth for 37.2 million years.