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33n in a sentence

1. According to Igor M. Diakonoff (1988: 33n), Proto-Afroasiatic was spoken c. 10,000 BC. Christopher Ehret (2002: 35–36) asserts that Proto-Afroasiatic was spoken c. 11,000 BC at the latest, and possibly as early as c. 16,000 BC. These dates are older than those associated with other proto-languages.

2. The town's Main Street is served by routes 33, 33A, 33B, 33N, 41, 41B, 41C, 41X, 43, 102 and 142 as well as Bus Éireann routes 101 and 101n, and Swords Express routes 500, 500x, 501, 501x and 502.

3. {This was the transport "Peking Maru" of 2,288 tons at 17.33N 120.21E} On 6 August, the submarine spotted two Japanese freighters and opened fire at 10:16. One of these ships was later seen to be listing 15 degrees to port, but still underway.

4. Others Versions: 243 VAN, 263, 264, 266, 323 Ambulance, 324, 328 MT MaxiTaxi, 330, 330BB, 330C, 33N, 338TC, 350BC, 35S Ambulance, 35M, 429TC/TP. The ARO Dragon came in several variants to include different bodywork.

5. In 1931, Shure and engineer Ralph Glover began development of the first Shure microphone, and the following year, the Model 33N Two-Button Carbon Microphone was introduced, making Shure one of only four microphone manufacturers in the U.S. Shure's first condenser microphone, crystal microphone, and microphone suspension support system (for which they received their first patent) were all introduced that same decade.

6. Shure first began manufacturing their own products in 1932 with the introduction of the 33N two-button carbon microphone.

7. The coordinates of the district are:00 33N, 33 45E (Latitude:0.5500;

8. It has a water spread area of 894.21 km (345.26 sq mi) and a shore length of 1,700 km (1,100 mi), and is bound within geographical coordinates of 62°54–63°33N and 29°07–30°14E.

9. It is an important town in the district of Karak and is located 29 kilometres to the east of Bannu at 33°6'33N 70°52'3E. Latamber also known as Latammar in Khattakwola dialect is inhabited by the Barak sub-tribe of Khattaks they belong to the Ozhd(Mashi khel section) the clan being Barki Khel also known as Haider Khan Khel or simply Haider Khel further they are divided into Aziz khel,Kami Khel, khawazin Khel and Rehmat khel.

10. This results in relatively low Pa / Th ratios found by McManus et al. [2004] in a core at 33N 57W, and a depth of 4.5 km. When the overturning circulation shuts down (as hypothesized) during glacial periods, the Pa / Th ratio becomes elevated due to the lack of removal of Pa to the Southern Ocean.

11. It lies fully within magnetic polarity Chron 33n.

12. Delaware Airpark (FAA LID: 33N) is a public use airport serving the Dover area.

13. 33N is home to Delaware State University's flight training program, providing its students with year-round flying capability.

14. HMAS Stuart and Alexandria base RAF Sunderland aircraft of 230 Squadron sank the Italian Submarine Gondar in 31, 33N, 28, 33E.

15. After D-Day, the USAAF Black Widows moved to Advanced Landing Grounds at Maupertus (A-15) (422d NFS) near Cherbourg and Vannes (A-33N) (425th NFS) in Brittany France to intercept German night fighters and bombers attacking Allied positions.

16. Since 2010 he has also been one half of TR-33N, a live electronic music band with Louisa Yorke.

17. It is part of Isakhel Tehsil and is located at 32°44'33N 71°15'54E and has an altitude of 203 m (669 ft).

18. According to Igor M. Diakonoff (1988: 33n), proto-Afroasiatic was spoken c. 10,000 BC. According to Christopher Ehret (2002: 35–36), proto-Afroasiatic was spoken c. 11,000 BC at the latest, and possibly as early as c. 16,000 BC. These dates are older than dates associated with most other protolanguages.

19. Still afloat on 11 May at 0600, Plunger surfaced and sank her by gunfire at 14-33N, 149-23E.

20. It is located at 31°32'33N 69°59'17E with an altitude of 2239 metres (7349 feet).

21. It is a municipality and the part in mandal of Palasa . Kasibugga is located at 18° 45' 33N 84° 24' 58E.

22. Torpedoed 01/07 by the German submarine U-129 (Kapitänleutnant Hans-Ludwig Witt) in position 23.33N-92.35V in the Gulf of Mexico.

23. In addition, bus lines (54, 67, 75, 71, 79, 80, 83, 84, 31N, 33N) run on the section between the train station and Królowej Jadwigi street.

24. 2003 Law No. 33n bis/2003 of 2003 Repressing the Crime of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes.