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2015b in a sentence

1. He also composed music for the company's production of Gertrude, a musical about the life of Gertrude Stein (La MaMa 2015b).

2. The studies conducted by A.L. Armstrong during the archaeological investigations of the late 1920s provide evidence that the Saxon remains were not those of Waltheof's aula (Hallam, 2015b).

3. 2015b), where his teachers included Frank Merrick for the piano and Carl Fuchs for the cello.

4. Sun (2014). Full details of the proofs appear in Chen, Donaldson, and Sun (2015a, 2015b, 2015c).

5. 2015b). McCabe was badly burned in an accident when he was a child and was home schooled for eight years (Anon.

6. 2015b). After studies at the Royal Manchester College of Music (now the Royal Northern) and in Munich, with composers Humphrey Proctor-Gregg, Thomas Pitfield, Harald Genzmer and others (Rickards 2001;

7. 2015b), but it was not until the 1990s that he came to be viewed primarily as a composer, with the successes of the piano work Tenebrae (1992–93), which marked the deaths in 1992 of musicians Sir Charles Groves, William Mathias and Stephen Oliver, and was written for Barry Douglas;

8. 2015b). His solo instrumental music was mainly written for the piano;

9. Anon. 2015b}. Other significant piano works include the Haydn Variations (1983), written to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Haydn's birth (Rickards 2001;

10. 2015b). He had a long-lasting association with the Presteigne Festival (Beale 2010).

11. Anon. 2015b). In December 2012 McCabe was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

12. As of January 2020, the World Spider Catalog accepts 384 species in 38 genera: Ariston O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1896 Astavakra Lehtinen, 1967 † Bicalamistrum Wunderlich, 2015b † Burmasuccinus Wunderlich &

13. Ivie, 1935 † Retrooecobius Wunderlich, 2015b Uroctea Dufour, 1820 Urocteana Roewer, 1961 Uroecobius Kullmann &

14. Baehr, 1993 † Prototama Petrunkevitch, 1971 † Spinasilia Wunderlich, 2015b Tama Simon, 1882 Tamopsis Baehr &

15. Okutani, 2015b).

16. Okutani, 2015b).

17. Marois and Mitsch 2015b;

18. Over the next 4 or 5 hours, chromatin from these aggregated nuclei becomes increasingly pycnotic, eventually undergoing karyolysis and karyorrhexis in the now-elevated predome structures (Fleming, 2015b).

19. According to Karen Musalo and Eunice Lee, For those adopting the "push" factor outlook, the crisis is humanitarian one, reflecting human rights violations and deprivations in the region, and the protection needs of refugees (UNHCR 2015b;

20. Mynhardt (2015b), the eternal dominating set problem is related to the k-server problem in computer science.

21. Mynhardt (2015b).

22. Mynhardt (2015b).

23. Mynhardt (2015b), one of the main unsolved questions is the following: Does there exist a graph G such that γ(G) equals the eternal domination number of G and γ(G) is less than the clique covering number of G? Klostermeyer &

24. While progressive journalists at the New York Times believed that western states need to reconcile speech freedom with respect for pluralism, Lewis (2015b) argues that speech freedom actually doesn't exist in the west.

25. The following bibliography is derived from Santosa (2015b, pp. 59–60).

26. Holzmann, R. 2015b.

27. In 2014, domestic waste constitutes 65% of municipal solid waste, and 43% of total solid waste at landfills (Environmental Protection Department [EPD], 2015b).

28. Table 1 (Source: Environmental Protection Department [EPD], 2015b) In order to boost the recycling industries in Hong Kong, HKSAR assists the recycling industries to solve their constraints by setting up the Eco Park at Tuen Mun, with a site area of 200,000m2, Eco-Park is developed in two phases and provides a rentable area of 140,000m2 long term land at affordable costs for the recycling industry.

29. The development of the Eco-Park is one of the Government’s initiatives to provide long-term land at affordable rent for the development of the recycling industry in Hong Kong with a view to encouraging investment in advanced technology and value-added recycling processes(Environmental Protection Department [EPD], 2015b).

30. With is book on the longest of 'the Psalms (To read the Psalms, 2014) "the author surprises with the comment about his commentary: he approaches the grammatical side, does not hesitate to report the other commentators and to criticize them, explains the moral significance of the verses studied, and ends up giving the reader a complete idea of the texture of the verses "(Rav H. Kahn 2015b);