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2015a in a sentence

1. Khmuic. Mangic. Vietic. Katuic. Bahnaric. Khmer. Pearic. Monic. Aslian. Nicobarese. ?Shompen. Subsequently, Sidwell (2015a: 179) proposed that Nicobarese subgroups with Aslian, just as how Khasian and Palaungic subgroup with each other.

2. His most significant work was Carmilla, which the company performed as part of their repertory throughout the 1970s (La MaMa 2015a).

3. and that the village of Hallam and Waltheof's aula could only have been located in the manor of Hallam, and not Sheffield (Hallam, 2015a).

4. 2015a), to Hubert Rawsthorne (1868–1943), a well-off medical doctor, and his wife, Janet Bridge (1877/8–1927) (McCabe 2004).

5. Sun (2014). Full details of the proofs appear in Chen, Donaldson, and Sun (2015a, 2015b, 2015c).

6. Merkel disks can also respond to light touch https://www.soinc.org/sites/default/files/uploaded_files/2015A%26PIntegumentary%20Handout.pdf Merkel cells transduce tactile stimuli / mechanical forces into excitatory signals, which trigger vesicular serotonin release;

7. 2015a). During this time, McCabe said that there was "a lot of music in the house", which inspired his future career (Coghlan 2014).

8. Anon. 2015a), which was described in Gramophone as "an intoxicating creation, full of tingling atmosphere and slumbering passion" (quoted in Anon.

9. 2015a}}). His Concerto for Orchestra (1982) brought him international recognition (Anon.

10. 2015a). He worked in almost every genre, though large-scale forms lie at the heart of his catalogue with seven symphonies, two dozen concertante works and eight ballet scores to his name (Anon.

11. Rickards 2015; Anon. 2015a). McCabe's style evolved gradually from an initial lyrical constructivism through a serialist phase, with a fascination with repetitive patterns leading to a more complex combination of processes to achieve more subtle forms of continuity (Maycock 1989, 386).

12. 2015a) mid-1970s recording of Haydn's complete piano sonatas was described in Gramophone as "one of the great recorded monuments of the keyboard repertoire" (quoted in Rickards 2015).

13. 2015a). In 2014, McCabe won the Classical Music Award at the 59th Ivor Novello Awards (Davidson 2014).

14. The founder of the Fund of social support of population, "Social demand" on 16 July 2015a – head of the Fund,. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kirov region of Russia (2009—2011).

15. The fully emergentist version of the UCM emphasizes the ways in which language learning and processing is constrained by processes operating at divergent structural levels in divergent time/process frames (MacWhinney, 2015a).

16. Marois and Mitsch 2015a;

17. Fleming, 2015a).

18. Mynhardt (2015a) proved that any such graph must contain triangles and must have maximum vertex degree at least four.

19. Holzmann, R. 2015a.“Taxing the Pensions of an Internationally Mobile Labor Force: Portability Issues and Taxation Options.” CEPAR Working Paper 2015/27. Sydney: University of New South Wales.

20. Because of the failure to meet the objectives of WHO, i.e. clean air is considered to be a basic requirement of human health and the fact that within the EU, “poor air quality is worse than for road traffic accidents, making it the number one environmental cause of premature death in the EU.” (EU, 2015a) that in December 2013, the EU announced a Clean Air Policy Package (after a comprehensive review which began in 2011) to reduce the effect on human health.

21. The landfill services are expected to last till mid-2020s after expansion (EDP, 2015a), but concerns are raised as to its worsening of methane emission and unpleasant smell, leading to neighboring residents’ discontent.

22. Hillel Bakis is the author of a five-volume commentary on the Pentateuch, "The Voice of Jacob (הקל קול יעקב)", which has been reported as "a great commentary, interesting and profound" (R 'H. Kahn, 2015a) and "the very high quality of his work "was noted (G. Touaty, 2011).