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20-member in a sentence

1. GGGI is the world's newest international organization, and has 20 Member States.

2. The LDP party led the 20-member opposition bloc.

3. He was accompanied by a string section and a 20-member choir.

4. Foothill was initially founded by 20 member cities;

5. Its headquarters is in Yangon with 20 member associations throughout Myanmar.

6. Gayan led a 20-member African Union group of observers for the 2010 Rwanda election.

7. The 20-member conservative isolationist wing of the party was led by Wherry.

8. A 20-member Board of Governors oversees the system.

9. The original regulation was joined by 20 member states.

10. A 20-member nominating committee chooses nominees from those who are eligible.

11. He was accompanied by a string section and a 20-member choir.

12. The AJCC has 20 member organizations.

13. A 20-member band crossed the Danube from Romania in the summer of 1866.

14. After the new constitution was adopted, a new 20-member cabinet was formed;

15. The piece was originally performed by a 20-member orchestra.

16. The League has over 3000 players belonging to 20 member Clubs.

17. Fakri is former Malaysia Under-20 member squad.

18. From December 2013, Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger visited more than 20 member states.

19. its 20 member MBA programs;

20. Initially, SPN's network consisted of fewer than 20 member organizations.

21. The 20-member crew was occasionally re-supplied by small trucks.

22. As of March, 2014, the European Fashion Council comprises 20 member states.

23. He had been appointed to a 20-member team by Hussein's wife Sajida Talfah.

24. The final 20-member squad for Sri Lanka was announced on 24 December.

25. The final 20-member squad for Bangladesh was announced.

26. The final 20-member squad for India was announced on 22 December.

27. The winner was chosen by a 20-member jury.

28. The winner was chosen by a 20-member jury.

29. As of 2018, it had an 8 member staff and a 20 member board of directors.

30. There are total 20 Member Parliament from Punjab.