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11-month in a sentence

1. The band embarked on an 11-month tour to support and promote Tusk.

2. The great white has an 11-month gestation period.

3. The 11-month transition period ended relatively smoothly.

4. Llovera claimed that his 11-month-old puppy was shot and killed during the raid.

5. This resulted in a series of arrests and finally an 11-month imprisonment.

6. I accumulated many letters from him during his 11-month absence.

7. The album was recorded over an 11-month period in Sweden.

8. 11-month-old white Standard Poodle modern clip.

9. Longevity in captivity is reported up to 2 years 11 month.

10. He occupied the Throne of Saint Mark for 24 years, 11 month, and 23 days.

11. "During a 11-month period, 1.212 drivers were tested.

12. The 11-month strike was a bitter and contentious one.

13. Ten fellows are accepted into the 11-month program which begins in September.

14. When they arrived in Salt Lake City, Ellen had an 11-month-old child.

15. His father died when he was an 11-month-old baby.

16. The 11-month transition period ended relatively smoothly.

17. Mrs. Long died of an 11-month fight with brain cancer.

18. On March 24, 2008 Wood died of brain cancer after an 11-month battle.

19. He left school in 1895 and undertook an 11-month sailor's training program.

20. this gave them a 31-year, 11-month spread of number-one hits in Canada.

21. The 11-month tour closed as scheduled on 8 March 2014 in Oxford.

22. Voltaire completed the play in 1717 during his 11-month imprisonment.

23. He was survived by a wife and an 11-month old child - Platon.

24. Sanders served an 11 month, 6 day sentence in prison and paid a $17,000 fine.

25. It runs an 11-month Ascend internship program and a Church Planting Residency.

26. In 2017 the station had its turn to close for 11-month-long repairs.

27. Burbank served an 11-month stint with the navy, on detached service.

28. It features class sizes of 15 or less, with an 11-month academic calendar.

29. The eggs therefore mature over a 7 to 11-month period.

30. He served an 11-month sentence.