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1. Pond-type larvae often have a pair of balancers, rod-like structures on either side of the head that may prevent the gills from becoming clogged up with sediment.

2. It has its own lens, a parietal plug which resembles a cornea, retina with rod-like structures, and degenerated nerve connection to the brain.

3. Thus polypeptides after treatment become rod-like structures possessing a uniform charge density, that is same net negative charge per unit weight.

4. Thermal annealing can be used to change the flake-like structure into sphere- or rod-like structures.

5. The design of the electrodes is the key part: These are rod-like structures usually made of glass, with a bulb containing the sensor at the bottom.

6. Thus polypeptides after treatment become rod-like structures possessing a uniform charge density, that is same net negative charge per unit length.

7. He also argued with Schneider's findings that the nucleus separated into rod-like structures by suggesting that the nucleus actually separated into threads that in turn separated.

8. Petrified palmwood includes a group of fossil woods that contain prominent rod-like structures within the regular grain of the silicified wood.

9. Depending upon the angle at which they are cut by fracture, these rod-like structures show up as spots, tapering rods, or continuous lines.

10. The rod-like structures are sclerenchyma bundles that comprise part of the woody tissues that gave the wood its vertical strength.

11. Petrified palmwood is a favorite of rock collectors because it is replaced by silica and exhibits well-defined rod-like structures and variety of colors.

12. Later, viroids were characterized as single stranded covalently closed circular RNA molecules occurring as highly base-paired rod-like structures.

13. Shy and his team discovered rod- like structures in muscle fibers of patients with muscle weakness by performing muscle biopsies on multiple patients.

14. Fibrils are composed of linear biopolymers, and are characterized by rod-like structures with high length-to-diameter ratios.

15. Hand size has a direct correlation with grip strength on both broad and narrow dowels, rod-like structures, in both populations.

16. Two mechanisms were proposed for the sphere-to-rod transitions of block copolymer micelles, in which the micellar growth can occur by (A) fusion/fragmentation of micelles or (B) concomitant fusion/fragmentation of micelles and unimer exchange, followed by smoothing of the rod-like structures.

17. Numerous secretory cells open throughout the epidermis, the most characteristic ones being the rhabditogen cells, which produce a secretion in the form of small rod-like structures, the rhabdites.

18. Stylets are highly reduced internal shells that consist of a small rod- like structures, the result of SIA of showed that a stylet of M. maorum can be hard to prepare and age.

19. Wellnhofer posits 21. Dames also noted the similarity in the long, rod-like structures of the tail to those in the flying pterosaur Rhamphorhynchus, considering them to be ossified tendons.

20. Elongated, rod-like structures along the tail from the fifth caudal onward suggest a stiff tail that was chiefly flexible at the base.

21. The pterygoid bones are robust in contrast to Tropidostoma, and bear ridges that converge into a tall, blade-like process known as the crista oesophageacode: lat promoted to code: la . The pterygoids also project outwards in rod-like structures to meet the quadrate bones.

22. The rear edge of the sternum has two pairs of thin rod-like structures.